Sandstone Brewery





Sandstone Edge (3.8%) is an aromatic session bitter. It has a pale straw appearance and carries light bitterness and body to the aftertaste. Bitterness comes from a fusion of Fuggles and Goldings hops at the beginning of the boil to balance the pale malt. The aroma comes from a late addition of Cascade hops.




Desert Dragon (3.6%) is a light, refreshing, pale session ale. A fusion of German and British hops, with Magnum for bittering and the addition of Fuggles and Bramling Cross providing the late flavours. Just the drink to quench your thirst after a long walk across the Welsh deserts.





TwiSted Dragon (5.8%): Strong in aromas, taste and ABV. Twisted Dragon is not what you would call a 'boring' beer! This premium pale ale is a bustling brew of 5 different hops to create a truly unique and tasty beer. Just be careful not to go too crazy ....





Racing Dragon (4.4%), is a punchy golden ale with an exciting, hoppy taste. Based on Pale Malt with  Magnum, Simcoe and Columbus hops. An excellent addition to the Sandstone Family. A  beer with a rush of flavours to excite the palate, strong yet refreshing. Our current best seller and well worth racing to the bar for!







Lazy Dragon (3.5%) a Mild, low (for us) ABV and a scrumptious, moreish taste. Light taste with subtle hints of apricot and peach. Easy to drink, easy to enjoy truly blissful on a warm summer's day, lazing about in the garden or even with friends. Matt's favourite.







Postmistress (4.4%) is a russet, brown premium bitter, It is a union of three hops, Goldings, Fuggles and Styrian Goldings to complement the malt component of crystal, chocolate  and pale malt. Late addition of more Fuggles and Styrian hops provide extra aroma. This beer won Champion Beer of Wales in 2011 (Best Bitter category)




Onyx Dragon (4.0%) is a mysterious dark beer with hints of chocolate, toffee and caramel. Seven types of malt, expertly balanced with bitterness from Bramling Cross, Fuggles and Golding hops give this beer a silky finish. Coal black in colour, a true Welsh Black Porter. If you like Guinness, try this and see what you've been missing.





Descriptions of our Best Brews
The following Beers are currently on sale and can be purchased in 9 gallon Firkin, 18 Gallon kilderkin, 4.5 gallon pin, or crate of 12 500ml Bottles. Please call 07851 001118